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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Hullo, I hav chg e blogskin. Isit nice? I hope by chging e blogskin, more peepx will come n tag, kae? I shall update too.

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>9:59 PM

Thursday, April 20, 2006

There has been a case of impersonation recently on this blog. A person who claimed that he/she was "Vanida", has tagged on the board, claiming that it is only Emily and Jacelyn posting on this blog. We welcome opinions of course, but then, please express them in a more civilised way, not in such an uncouth and impolite way. Communication is about respect and speaking effectively, not speaking demandingly. The tagboard is for free expression of thoughts, but not for deragatory comments on this blog. If it happens to be that you seriously want to be a part of this blog, please email to sixresponsible@hotmail.com for the username and password. You are also welcome to email your suggestions to the abovementioned email address, so that we can improve our blog and make it the most popular blog among all the 6R-ians. Please leave your name and the date so that we can reply to your suggestions and requests. Do note that anonymous emails and tags will be deleted immediately. Thank you.

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>2:25 AM

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Ok... I hope everyone noes abt e upcomin uppper primary sports day in HWS as well as that HWS is going to move to May Road the place we had our P5 Camp! (But that will be in 2009 so dun worry )
Yes green house rox AND other houses rock also but 6R Rawkz e most! :D Ok... The usual PLEASE TAG MORE is now gone. :) Cuz i hate sayin tat. And Jin Jia if u wan e pswd n user i can email 2 u or tell u or wadeva but i ll get a new blogskin for this blog cuz i juz cant stand e usual blogger.com templates.....
Ok... This is a poem from a... wadeva.
I have a friend
Across the road.
We shared our woes
And our loads.
We laughed and
We cried.
We've been thru
the greatest tides.
But one day,
In early May,
My sky began to grey.
My hair began to grey too,
And soon my butler said,
"In saying this I am very late
But Jack died yesterday."
What's left of him
is some ashes
And some fond memories today.

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>4:29 PM

Friday, March 10, 2006

I luv hols.
Now, it's e MARCHEE HOLS...
Smile always.
Your friend, (maybe enemy or wadevr)

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>5:04 AM

Monday, March 06, 2006

March holidays are coming...
It's high to to RELAX... *beam beam*
But just a caution for everybody
Do not be too SLACK!
Iron your clothes every morning
Vacuum the house every night
For those who don't do housework,
I would say it's none of my business =_=
Dye your hair blue
or black
or green
Pls dun dye it into a rainbow colour (C'mon... for Heaven's Sake...)
Eat well
Sleep well
Don't let the bedbugs bite
Try to go overseas... It would help you A LOT!
And a happy holiday to all 6R-ians, from your "good friend", Emily.

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>12:49 AM

OK... I admit that this template was not created by Me. (duh~) But anyway, this black background is still nice (Lolx)
Yo Jing Yi and Ng Jin... Saw u 2 on e bus 2dae... What a coincidence! :) If there were more coincidences, it would be better... haizz... :( If only we could all go to the same secondary school. *Sigh* (again)
Anyway, instead of the usual good luck thingy, wad i wanna sae is veri serious. This is an announcement actually. For those who don't know about the trip to Mdm Lim's house in March, here I am, telling you about it. But don't ask me too much about it cuz I do not know. Go and ask other ppl... Pls.
Ok anyway as you all know larhz... only e HCL1 n HCL2 ppl can go Mdm Lim's hse so... That's about it. Pls tag more... And pls update e 5ayohfour blog... The blog has been dead for years... =_= Kayy... I was exaggerating. Pls tag more. Pls pls pls pls pls...
By the way pls work hard... We dun wan any failures. Originating from 6R. As in... Forget it. :(

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>12:41 AM

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sorry nowadays i hav no time so cant update... so sorry... erm... JY i put e music liaoz... if u all r clever u all shld noe that it's the "Friends" theme song. :)
OK... juz wanna sae wish all of you gd luck lolz. I'll try 2 put some photos of 6R... But i think i may nid some help frm u all... cuz i dun av much time n DOESNT IT SEEM BORING CUZ IT'S ALWAYS ME ME ME HU IS UPDATING??? And pls tag more. :)
As I av said, u can owayz ask 4 e pswd frm me. Or u can email 2 sixresponsible@hotmail.com. OK buaiz...

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>7:33 PM

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

HAPPI V'DAE N FRENSHIP DAE! :) Hope evry1 is doin well in his/her sec sch, lyk ME! :) Dunman High ROX! *Whootz* We r e *BEST* in e East leh! ;) But cannot b proud, bcuz as e sayin goes," Pride comes before a DOWNFALL" How true...
Anyway, Hope u guyz lyk e new template cuz i lyk it alot. :) Luv u all 4eva. Strive on!!! :) U all RAWK (ok, actually onli most of u all rock.) But all the same, Happi V'dae!

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>3:11 AM

6R'05, one of the best cls eva. [:
We. 6R'05.
Best cls.
Most enthu cls.
Most sporting, too.

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Frenz [:
Mrs Lui Yenn Kai [:
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Mr Lee Ching Song [:
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HWS [:
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